Questions relating to products

We have developed a product, can you manufacture for us?
Certainly yes. Braveridge is a manufacturing company, it is what we do best.
Lately, there are many enquiries similar to this, however, we do not only manufacture.
If the designing is poorly planned for mass production, we find it difficult to proceed as it is.
In such cases, there might be defects at the manufacturing stage and the factory is not able to handle the defects. We can handle beforehand if the designing is planned well estimating some fluctuation on quality, however it will be difficult to judge everything at the time of receiving the order.
It is most appreciated if you can consult us at your 1st stage(or 2nd stage) of trial running. We are able to assist you with designing which can give high return on mass production, therefore, please contact us earliest possible. Especially any designing involving molding, we are most welcome to assist you.
We used to manfacture in China, but there were many issues. We would now like to produce in Japan.
Yes, you have come to the right company. Please check with us. 。
We are using custom made parts for our product. Are you able to manufacture custom made items?
Yes, please try us. We have been developing and manufacturing various custom made parts.

Questions relating to development

We have some ideas about the product we want to produce, can you do the hardware development?
Please contact us. We would like to start with a mutual NDA. Our NDA format will be emailed to you once you agree to work with us. We only have limited staff, therefore, let us know earlier for us to get ready. 。
What are the sevices provided by Development?
Before manufacturing, the following development stages are required.

  1. Electric Development
    Especially for IC semiconductors, there are many cases where ICs from stockist or samples have been already tested for operation, however, some of the ICs selected are not meant for mass production(with leadtime of 3-6 months) and need to be replaced together with re-designing. This has been most common lately.
    We have maintained excellent partnership with many manufacturers and distributors. Best options will be suggested. We are particularly confident in selecting the best possible IC in terms of availability and price. From there we will proceed each stage with customer’s agreement on circuit design, PCB design and trial mounting.
  2. Mechanical Development
    Industrial Design: If you bring in a design ignoring the structural designing, moulding will be impossible. Please contact us as we have industrial designers who are experts in this field. We are not able to work on mould designing if the designing is brought to us with only the outer layer (skin) ignoring the main structure. In such case, our dedicated industrial designer will be able to assist you.Mechanical designing starts based on the designing of PCB, cable, terminal, buttons and etc. to draw out the design. Before proceeding with plastic moulding, mechanical trial run must always take place. Recently prototypes brought in to us are made by 3D printers, but we are requesting for machining prototypes.
    In short, the structures of 3D printer prototypes cannot be made into mold. 。
  3. Software Development
    Basically, our main strengh is in Firmware development. We are not experts in application designing.
    Recently, there are many enquiries from the software makers.
    We can recommend our partners for enquiries on Application development.
  4. Manufacturing technology development
    In order to manufacture, there are various items required; industrial tools, devices, jigs, softwares, hardwares etc.
    To judge manufacturing quality, we have implemented hardware and software devices wherever possible. Quality will be automatically judged by devices not by visual checking. Development in this area significantly contributes to quality improvement. 。
  5. Develpoment on Packaging Design
    To bring products in the market, the packaging designing is inevitable.

    • Blister Packaging
    • Clamshell
    • Paper Carton
    • Shipping Carton Box
What are the cost of your development services?
Depends on the difficulty of the design.
We can categorise the types of workload of designs in 4 main areas, 1. Designs which can be diverted from the exisiting patterns of design, 2. Designs which do not exist yet in the world, 3. Designs which require basic testing or component development from scratch, 4. Designs we are well experienced.Obviously designs well experienced by us can be completed in a short time with little expense.Let us materialize your prooduct plan, your success is our success, and keep the mass production running.
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