We have commercialized Beacon for those who are considering to implement and develop Bluetooth Beacon. It is a system which can be installed immediately without much development costs.

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Bluetooth Beacon

Braveridge has materialized Beacon into products for customers considering to bring in Bluetooth Beacon, or developing softwares with Beacon, or considering to apply Beacon for research and development.
Product offers a solution to cost cutting on development and system ready with plastic case enabling immediate application.

We are offering standard kit for development on App and software(ground side)

  1. Drippy with CR2032 battery
  2. Slimy with two AA Battery
  3. Sticky with an amazingly small AC
  4. etc.

These are manufactured as finished products investing technology just as any other finished products for mass production.
It is an evaluation kit NOT an evaluation board. Therefore, it is designed for immediate application.
The kits are developed and manufactured completely as finished products, having gone through the required processes of electric designing, mechanical designing, mold designing and various reliability tests.
Therefore you can be rest assured they are very reliable.

Sanshin Electronics Co., Ltd.(persons in charge)Ishimaru/Takahashi / 03-3453-5111(main line)
Kaga Devices Co., Ltd.(person in charge)Furukawa / 03-5657-0144(main line)

Beacon Total Framework:
 ACCESS Co., Ltd.ACCESS TM Beacon Framework (ABF)

Beacon’s applications include transmission of customized information and notices, digital coupons and indoor navigation at shopping malls, tourist facilities, digital signage, big exhibition hall etc.

【New】Updated 2014 Sep 24
Shipment for AA Battery Beacon released.


Braveridge Beacon BVMCN1101AA



Braveridge Beacon BVMCN1001CR comparison with a pen

comparison with a lighter

Drippy on mass production
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