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iBeacon/Beacon System・Framework

  • access

    • ACCESS Beacon Framewaork (ABF)
    • iBeacon Program Licensee
    • Besides Beacon products, we are also collaborating to develop new products using Cloud and BLE.

Beacon System Framework

Electronics Components Supplier

The Links listed here are strictly for the purpose of obtaining information from the electronics suppliers.
For inquiries, please contact distributors directly.
In case you cannot contact the distributors, Braveridge will help you with the contact.
Only manufacturers who have agreed to have thier link listed here for the purpose of obtaining information are listed below.

  • ultra-low-power-wireless-solutions-from-nordic-semiconductor

    Nordic Semiconductor
    Leading BLE, nRF51xxx series manufacturer.


  • sensirion

    Sensirion is a top supplier of humidity sensors and differential pressure sensors.
    The sensors are successfully used in our AP modules.
    Braveridge will be launching more products using Sensiron’s humidity sensors.


  • invensense

    Inven Sense
    Manufacturer for accelometers and verious acceloration sensors for professional use.
    They are used in our standard application on our AP modules. Verious library can be downloaded from Invensense homepage with account registration.


  • kds

    Daishinku Corp.
    Leading supplier of crystal oscillator.

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