Braveridge Itoshima Factory located in Itoshima city, Fukuoka, procures materials, assembles, inspects, and delivers products.
Located conveniently 15 minutes away from the head office, we are able to provide high-quality products through detailed discussions with the development team from the very initial designing stage.
At the factory, we are also promoting conversion to a smart factory with the employment of our own products.

Factory Name

Braveridge Co., Ltd. Itoshima Factory


1999-19 Higashi Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture 819-1122


TEL: 092-331-8181 / FAX: 092-331-8182

Beginning of Operation

November, 2017

Site Area

3824.48 ㎡

Manufacturing Plant

PCB Inspection, Assembly, Completion Inspection, Packing

*SMT mounting is outsourced to a cooperating factory (quality assurance agreement has been concluded)

Production Capacity

Approximately 100,000 units per month

Calculated based on past results, varies depending on the product.


ISO9001: 2015 version certified

Certification, Registration

MFi Manufacturing Licensee
Factory Certification (iAP2)
Medical Device Manufacturing Registration Certificate

List of Equipment Owned by us

Automatic Soldering Equipment
Laser Welder
Laser Processing Machine
Bond Application Robot
Router type Board Divider
Spot Welder etc.

5 Strengths for
Itoshima Factory

Braveridge not only offers development and manufacturing contract (ODM, OEM) services that meet the needs of customers, but also BMS (Braveridge Manufacturing Services) services that adopt the resources of Itoshima Factory.

1 In-House Jig Production

All jigs used for assembly and inspection in the manufacturing processes are made in-house. We are also able to make customised jigs, and take orders for jigs alone.

Jig Design


Jig designs are created through the wealth of experiences from producing countless varieties of products and a high level of commitment to quality.

Jig Production

Jigs are completed by assembling multiple parts made by a 3D printer or a 3D cutting machine.

Scenes of a Jig in use

The completed jigs are applied in various manufacturing processes such as processing and inspection.

2 Procurement

With our established networks, we procure parts from Japan and across the world.

Procurement Network


From mechanical to electronic parts, we are able to purchase high-quality parts with reasonable prices from all over the world. We practice 100% self-procurement.


Circuit Boards are designed through numerous discussions between head office and factories both in Japan and abroad.


We have signed contracts with a few mold factories in China, Vietnam and South Korea. The most suitable factories are selected according to the schedule and requirement of the production.

Container Acceptance

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Mechanical parts manufactured overseas are imported by container units to reduce costs.

3 Contract Manufacturing

We also accept partial manufacturing contracts. Please contact us for assembly matters.


We created a work standard form to maintain a high standard in assembly.


Bond Application

To stabilize quality and to pursue work efficiency, coating robot is in full shift to perform optimum coating.

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Automatic Soldering Equipment

Automatic soldering equipment operates effectively when mass production and efficiency in manufacturing process are required.

Hand Soldering

We have introduced a certification system for hand soldering, where only certified personnel can work. This certification is renewed once a year to improve the skills of the workers.

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Laser Engraving

In pursuit of higher quality product designs, we have introduced laser markers.

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Laser Welding

We perform laser welding that locally melts and solidifies metal using laser light as a heat source. For the high welding speed, it is applied during machining work for small areas.

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Batteries Welding

To reduce the size of product, batteries, tabs and terminals are welded with a spot welder.


Super small size 0402 is also mountable. (Processed at a cooperating factory with quality assurance agreement.)


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It is possible to support high-density mounting of electronic circuit boards by narrowly adjacent mounting of microchip components and narrow chip CPS (Chip Size Package).

5 Speedy Shipping

Thanks to the assembly in Japan, delivery can be made within a few days once the production is complete.


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High safety standards for packing to prevent the load from collapsing during transportation. Design of the packaging is made in consideration of quality.


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Shipments are arranged according to the needs of the contents, from ordinary land transportation to environmentally friendly modal shift (containers by sea)