"BraveGATE Experience Kit" is a value kit that allows you to experience the powerful capabilities of BraveGATE platform, and to also use it for technical verification in the study and development of IoT services with BraveGATE.

 For immediate operation, the set comes with LTE-BLE router "BraveROUTER" and BraveGATE compatible sensor device "BraveTETRA",  and BraveGATE usage fee and communication fee for 3 months.



  • LTE-BLE router "BraveROUTE": 1 unit
  • Sensor Device "BraveTETRA" (temperature, humidity, illuminance, acceleration sensor installed, all with waterproof enclosure): 4 units
  • BraveGATE usage fee (including communication fee): 3 months

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"BraveGATE Experience Kit (referred to as 'this kit') allows users to explore the powerful capabilities of the BraveGATE platform and to use it for development and technical verification of IoT services. It comes with 1 unit of Braveridge LTE-BLE router ""BraveROUTE"", 4 units of BraveGATE compatible sensor device ""BraveTETRA"" (inclusive of temperature, humidity, illuminance, and acceleration sensors, in a waterproof enclosure), plus 3 months worth of credit for IoT platform ""BraveGATE"" and BraveSIM communication fee.

The usage fee of this kit includes all BraveGATE usage fee, BraveSIM fee, and communication fee.

The communication line provided by BraveGATE is a closed network connection. Only our BraveSIM is supported.

This kit cannot be used in places where mobile phones are not available.

This kit does not guarantee that communication is possible even in areas where mobile phones can be used.

The SIM built into the LTE-BLE router "BraveROUTE" cannot be replaced.

Regardless of the purpose, once the case of LTE-BLE router is opened, it will not be covered by warranty.

This kit cannot be used for commercial purposes. We have other plans such as ""Start Plan"" and ""Business Plan"" for conducting a demonstration experiment or for providing services for business purposes.

The usage for this kit is 3 months, starting at the arrival date of this kit.

We do not allow suspension of the use of this kit.

If you require more than 3 months, please contact us directly.

If you need more than 5 units, please consider the ""Start Plan"" or ""Business Plan"".

If you stop using the service before the end of the usage period, no refund will be given regardless of the remaining period.

The number of sensor devices allowed with this kit is limited to 4. You are not allowed to add more devices.

This kit works only with the combination of Braveridge's LTE-BLE routers ""BraveROUTE"" and ""BraveTETRA"", and the IoT platforms ""BraveGATE"" and ""BraveSIM"" included in this kit. It cannot be operated with any third-party SIM, device, gateway, or router, etc.

This kit does not allow you to add, customize sensor devices, or customize LTE-BLE router ""BraveROUTER""

We offer upgraded plans ""BraveGATE Start Plan"" and ""BraveGATE Business Plan"", which allow you to add and customize sensor devices, or customize LTE-BLE router ""BraveROUTE"" according to the intended use.

Please refer to the BraveGATE contract for the terms and conditions of BraveGATE service.

Please note that product functions and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.